Adventures Coming

My Trail Partner and I will be celebrating our anniversary on Thursday, and in honor of it we’ve decided to explore the local scenery and see what kind of adventures we can get ourselves into.

Originally, the plan was a long weekend at the Delaware Water Gap, hiking the Appalachian Trail as the first leg of our quest to hike the entire AT in Penn’s Wood in 2012. Unfortunately, the demise of Tango put my wife in some pain and forced us to can any hiking for the time being. We also flirted with the idea of going to Lake Erie to do some camping, but the idea of a four hour car ride didn’t sit well (no pun intended) to my aching wife.

Instead, we’ve opted for something a bit more creative spanning two days out of the four-day weekend we have lined up — an adventure up the Mighty Susquehanna River to explore the confluence of the East and West branches, along with a slightly weird excursion to some local cemeteries to see what kind of interesting people we can find.

The site may benefit from these happenings with an inaugural presentation of some original waldlichtung pictures in the gallery. Either way, spending time with the Partner will surely produce some good memories.

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