Formatting MLS, Part 1: Introduction

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what sort of format is the most ideal for MLS. Whether it’s the single-table crowd versus the conference crowd; or the promotion/relegation proponents versus the traditional American major/minor league favorites; there are many opinions about how to structure the league and its teams in the most optimum way possible.

To me, the dichotomy that pervades the debate is one between a traditionalist world-sport perspective (ie, become like other world leagues) and a uniquely American style that mirrors other sporting leagues in the country (ie, make it like the NFL, MLB, or NHL to appeal to more Americans). But, contrary to what those debating the topic may think, this isn’t the only issue involved in structuring the league, nor is it the most important. Instead, I think it comes down to three main points:  logistics, market saturation, and appeal to the American sports fan.

This “manifesto” of sorts will be published over the next couple weeks in installments that speak to each of the points I’ve listed above. I will explore each of them as in-depth as I can in order to expose any presuppositions about the unique set of challenges we face, as well as shed more light on the issues in a way that’ll hopefully give readers a new perspective. All of this should give you a very detailed look at my concept for a highly unique and economically viable format for MLS that caters to both casual American fans and hardcore footy supporters alike.

Also, if there is any feedback about my suggestions, please leave it in the comments section. I believe in collaborating on ideas to help improve things. After all, I’m a single man and I’m inherently prone to overlooking things that are outside of my vision. Adding perspective to my idea would be most helpful.

Lastly, I hope everyone reading enjoys it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Divertiti!

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