Discovering Community Through Creativity

Once in awhile I get a great idea. It’s just unfortunate that I usually don’t follow through with my ideas by putting them into action. I was told not so long ago that this could be due to Attention Deficit Disorder, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I certainly wish I did put more of my ideas into action, as I think I’d feel much more satisfied with my life and accomplishments. But it is what it is at this point.

However, once in awhile those once-in-awhile ideas do get put into motion. Case-in-point — Project:  Play-Maker.

I won’t get into the details of what exactly Project:  Play-Maker is, as you can simply visit the website and find out for yourself. Instead, you can consider this a shameless plug for my own venture and a way to promote it. Now, I realize that just plugging the website on some disconnected blog with extremely limited exposure (much less local exposure) such as this will not drastically further my goal with the project. My intent is to expose this project in the hopes that others will be turned onto the idea and do the same in their communities, especially in areas that are depressed (economically, relationally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc).

This dream of mine has been brewing for a few years now, but has never truly found a proper outlet for release. This dream is rather simple:  to have a hand in the creation and management of a soccer organization. Since the time of this inception until now, I’ve created and managed a soccer team at a local rec league in 2009 (Scalliwags United); I have coached in two youth soccer organizations since 2011; and since March 2012, I’ve earned my USSF ‘G’ and ‘F’ Licenses for their youth soccer program. This still hasn’t satisfied me.

A couple months back, I was introduced to the Detroit City Football League, an amateur soccer league that has been successful through its grassroots efforts to establish a community league in the city of Detroit. This inspired me again. This time from a league perspective. As my current series of articles about the format of Major League Soccer alludes to, I have a fervor for organizing, managing, and conceptualizing the philosophies and theories of a sports league on a macro scale. I get off on giving structure to ideas and trying to flesh them out. But, as I said before, I’m just not very good at carrying through with it.

Project:  Play-Maker is an effort to get myself out of my rut and comfort zone. I need a boost to take the initiative on things and put thoughts into action. What better way than kicking yourself in the arse?

My goal with the project is also very simple:  give an outlet for people to come together on a semi-competitive basis to play a sport, be active, and get to know those around them through teamwork and fun. I say “semi-competitive” because let’s face it — humans have an innate desire to want to win at things. Denying them that by making it akin to an adult version of AYSO is silly. At the same time, we’re not out for scalps. We want to have fun, get exercise, meet new people, and develop a stronger sense of community with one another. Fostering an extremely competitive atmosphere is counter-productive to all that. Striking a line between the two is optimal.

The project is fledgling; it’s just shrugged off the remnants of its shell and its yearning for help to get off the ground. Learning, planning, and collaborating will need to be done first. Establishing a solid network of locals who are interested in this idea is the next step. And that’s really why I’m posting this — to raise awareness of my project and to garner more support for this type of initiative. If you live in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and love soccer or what to feel a better connection to those around you, you have two options:  1) visit the site and learn more about the project, and/or 2) get in contact with me through any means necessary. If you don’t live in the Capital City and still want to promote this cause, you also have two options:  1) promote my project with those around you by sharing the link to the site, and/or 2) take the initiative and begin efforts to start a league in your own city or community.

If you have further questions (about the project, about me, about soccer, about anything really) leave a comment. I will be elated to have discussion!

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