ONE thought…

Fight or flight. One chance. Survival of the fittest. IF you want it done right, do it yourself. Nature vs. Nurture. Army of One.

The solidarity of one’s life is as evident now in the days of technology as they were in the Middle Ages or even at the time that Adam and Eve strolled this earth. Why do we struggle so much to help each other- not through hand outs and hand ups as per usual society means of assistance, but by coming along side of each other and REALLY helping one another. How can we come together to support a few unknown celebrities win a contest (dancing, Superbowl, etc) and celebrate their successes and woeful life moments in plain view of each other, but struggle to let our true selves be seen by the ones that we love?

What would life look like if we did share our struggles, joys, and true selves. What if we stopped trying to figure out what ‘normal’ is by labeling everyone else as abnormal (through mental illness, social disorders, physical imperfections, skin color, cultural backgrounds, etc.). How would your life change if you even were your true self through and through even with one other person- or, even yourself?

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