rabbit trails

The comfort of a friend with whom you can spend hours with talking, debating, and recounting life can yield many spurs in a conversation.

For instance, have you ever tried to stay on the topic of, say, the crumbs left in the butter dish only to be lead off on the trail of what chemicals make up margarine?  Or, while watching the clouds in the sky your mind wanders to the creatures that the puffy shapes look.  This, of course, leads you to conclude that you need more dog food, and speaking of, where did our favorite sweater go that the dog chewed last Christmas…

While some people may believe that it is a sign of ignorance and stupidity to allow yourself to wander from one thought to another, I believe that is freeing.

I am beginning to think that real life, REAL life, is in the details of our meticulous minds.  What was Einstein really thinking of when he came up with the theory of relativity?  What inspired Mozart and Beethoven to think the melodies that they did?

Take all of the purely wonderful inventions/ thoughts from across time, and I am sure that most of them were products of mistakes, unintelligible thought processes, or driven by flitting inspiration of something simple and ordinary.

What will fill you with inspiration?  What abstract thought will you wrap your head around and push to the next limit?  When will you make the time to think?

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1 Response to rabbit trails

  1. isaac Ludwig says:

    You ask a lot of challenging questions to wrap up your post. Good words. Good words. Note my affirming comment without any anwsers to your question.

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