For anyone who has ever taken a walk through the woods, they know that every so often the forest will present an area that is more or less barren. That is, a clearing. Many times this clearing will still be amongst the trees with a lush, green canopy overhead. At others, it’ll be a clearing proper with no trunks or foliage to speak of; only a grassy meadow with blue sky above and maybe a brook or hill traversing its midst.

As we sojourn amongst the trees, the day-to-day, we can grow complacent or weary. But sojourns are not meant to be exiles; they are meant to be brief. Eventually, you’ll find a clearing in the wood where you can experience a different kind of sojourn altogether. A place of curious mystery, or a park full of play. Perhaps it’s an abode of inspiration, or simply a resting point before you scurry back on your way. Maybe it’s a philosophical plaza at which you experience a revelation, or even an academic esplanade to further your knowledge. Whatever it is, it’s definitely outside the routine happenings of life. A momentary exit from the forest.

This is Waldlichtung — a clearing in the forest.

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