Formatting MLS Series

The following series is and will be an on-going project to detail the ideal format for Major League Soccer. The initial five articles are the core of this series — Part 1 is a brief introduction; Part 2 through 4 details the three aspects of the league that I think need to be overcome or focused on (Logistics, Market Saturation, and Americanization); Part 5 details the general format I believe the league should adopt as it forges ahead into the future of the American sport.

Every once in awhile, I’ll post an addendum or supplement to further the series, such as the pro’s and con’s of promotion/relegation, the single-entity format of the league, or how MLS should position itself in relation to NASL and how to foster good relations with lower leagues.

Here are the current articles for your reading pleasure:

The Core

Up-Coming Articles

Formatting MLS, Part 5:  The General Plan

Promotion & Relegation:  The Pro’s and Con’s in MLS

League Administration

American Soccer Hierarchy

Send in the Reserves!

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  1. hscribner says:

    Hi Waldlichtung,

    Sorry to send you something on here, but I couldn’t find your email anywhere on the site. Would you mind sending me an email at I have some questions about the MLS I’d like to ask you.


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